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Default Sika Buck !!!!!!!!!

I just spent a the better part of a week at Crystal Creek ranch that is part of the Chambers bowhunts property's and it was a great sucess, Five of us harvested 10 animals in just TWO evening hunts!!!!! A lot of fists and a TON of memories were made as well as lifelong friends......

It was Wed. evening and it was very, very hot and sunny while I huddled down between two white brush bushes and did not even move a muscle while I had some white tails just down wind of me, feeding and browsing (Wildlife Research Center Scent products are AWESOME!!) The whitetails fed past me and disappeared into the distance. It was not long before I caught more movement in the brush , it was six Axis bucks that were in velvet , the biggest being around 24 inches with some very nice eye gaurds!! My heart was about to EXPLODE and my knee's were a knocking as I let them feed around me, then all of the sudden I heard a very high pitched scream of sorts and animals were running everwhere!!!

The only thing that did not run off ws the three Sika bucks that had snuck up on me while I was being amazed at tghe beauty of the axis....It seemed the Sika did not like the axis being to close so one of them squealed loud and ran them off, needless to say it was GAME ON!!!! I watched them work their way in the brush and they closed the distance, all I needed was ONE MORE STEP!! I had already been at full draw for over a minute and all at once all three step forward.. Now I had a delima at hand and a big choice to make. The Sika buck I was after was standing very close to another younger buck, So I did what I'm good at, I held mt trusty Mathews and concentrated very hard on the very small target area I had...One deep breath, and squeeze, in a instance I could see the Lumnock lighting its path to the target!! In a mere blink of an eye the Muzzy tipped Maxima had found its intended target. As my Sika made a few jumps the arrow was through its target and on the ground, a mere 60 yards later the fine looking animal was on the ground!! My very first Exotic was on the ground, I was in utter amazement at its beauty!!! I would like to extend a very special thank you to Hips Archery Targets for the chance to participate in such a wonderful hunt!![/align][/align][/align]
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