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Default RE: Sheds...WIERD!


It is strange that some can be in the woods a few weeks and be chewed up and others can lay there for a year and not be touched.

This was a deer that my daughter LOST a year(all most to the day) from when it was found by the farmer.

There wasn't 1 single bite mark.
I have noticed that when i find dead heads that the animals seem to leave them alone and hardly every chew on them...


How far apart were they?

The biggest one I found was 106 3/8" and the other side was found 5 months later and .8 of a mile away. I was amazed that he didn't drop them closer, being that they were that big.
They were probably a half mile away...pretty crazy. The one i found today didnt have any waxy residue or hair at the base. Looks like it had bee dropped for a while

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