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Default RE: How much black powder in a 30/30 load?

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That's correct about the 30-30 never being loaded with blackpowder.The 32 Win Special was designed with both smokeless and blackpowder in mind but the engineers failed to realize that with a 1-16" twist it fouled like crazy with the blackpowder.
The reason for the 1/16" twist in the .32 Special was supposedly so it would not foul as badly as the .30/30's faster twist if BP was used. the 1/16" twist was the same as had been standard for the .32/40, a black powder target rifle cartridge originally developed by Ballard for use in Schutzen single-shot rifles and later adopted by both Winchester and marlin for their levr-action rifles. The first Model 94 barrels chambered for the .32 Win. Spec. were actually barrels that had been made originally to be chambered to .32/40. But after the .30/30 was introduced, hunters lost interest in the .32/40 chambering. However, if loaded with smokeless powder, the .32/40 can actually give about the same performance as the .32 Special or .30/30 - a 170-grain bullet at 2200 FPS.....
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