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Default Bowhunting Poem

I wrote this a few days after the season ended.My creative writingteacher brought us outside and told us to pick out anythingoutside and write a poem from its perspective...I chose a tree.


I stand tall and proud.
I harbor one of the elite.
The one who defies nature.
My leaves break-up his figure.
So he can fool the kings of the forest.
I am the get away.
The place he sits for hours at a time.
I am a thinking place.
The place where everything seems to make sense.
I provide him with natures most beautifulscenery.
My sturdy figure holds him together,
as he stands to take the beast.
I keep him calm under pressure, I am the happy place.
As he draws back, I keep him safe.
He is invisible.
After the arrow flies, I am there.
My branches to hold him up, as every part of his body shakes.
I embrace his heartbeat,
It gives me life.

I made a few revisions but dont have that copy right now. will post it as soon as i get it.
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