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Default RE: How much black powder in a 30/30 load?


Ok, I cast up some 170gr lead bullets and am wondering what would be a good starting load with black powder? I have Goex FF and FFF and some Pyrodex FFF.
Being the first smokeless powder SPORTING CARTRIDGE ever loaded with SMOKELESS POWDER in the U.S., no FACTORY 30/30 ammo was ever loaded with black powder. For use with black, Winchester created the .32 Win. Special, a .30/30 necked up to shoot .321" bullets from a rechambered .32/40 barrel. It used slower rifling than the .30/30, so it supposedly could use BP without crudding up the bore as much!

IF I were going to load BP in a .30/30 w/a cast bullet, (which I woudnb't!!) I would use a case full up to within 0.25" of the case mouth of FFg and a heavy crimp.

With BP, ytou will not get more than five shots from that gun before the bore fouls up so badly that accuracy has gone to hell!
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