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Default RE: First Recurve bow purchase!

50-55 pouds max to start. That sounds light until you feel the full weight with zero letoff. Spend a day shooting a 30-40 tagret 3-D and you'll wish you had a 45 pounder, lol.

I would suggest shooting a few bows before you buy, especially if you're thinking new. But Chek-Mate's are great and Martin's are very nice also. If you're draw length is 28" with a compound expect to lose an inch or two with a stick. I shot 29.5" with wheels, but shoot 28" even with a recurve.

I just sold a Chek-Mate Firebird and I also have a Damon Howatt high speed. I liked them both, and only sold the Chek-Mate because I make my own take-downs and didn't feel I needed it.

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