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Default RE: This Issue of Outdoorlife......

Good for you Matt..
I understand this is a familly site,
but what do you callOutdoor life mag.If it ain't family oriented I don't know if anything is..
If they see fit to present something like this,great..........
Outddor life mag,is a huge fan of getting kids involved in outdoor activities,and carrying on the generation of hunting and gun owership you people enjoy today.
This Calenadar supports your Second Ammendment rights,
They support your rights as a hunter.....
The Racks presented on the Calendar, are harvested by hunters who obviously support both as well.
Who cares if there are gorgeous babes in this mag, thess are well shot photograpghs and are done very gracefully.
Thses women are no different than the ones your kids see at the beach......
For you that disagree grab a quarterand inform some who cares.
Support your hunting and support your second ammendment rights,
buy the calendar purchase the Mag and enjoy for what it is.
we are all on the same side.......And in order to win this fight,
we have to support one another in every way possible....
And people, my Avator is changing back................
Should have faught it to begin with.........
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