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Default RE: Places to hunt in IL

MichiganBirdMan, there's a way better public area for you to hunt. It's called Clinton Lake, in Dewitt county. They have strict requirements and they have a lottery each morning, but you'll never be able to hunt deer of this calibur without having to pay through the nose.... I'm not sure about this, contact clinton lake and they can tell you more...... I think you have to pass a competancy course with your bow, which shouldn't be a problem for a die-hard. Then if you are selected in the lottery, you must shoot a doe before you can harvest a buck, and the buck must have a spread wider than 18"(width of ears) and/or at least for points on one side. It has been stated, that 80% of bucks taken from this area make P&Y book. If you shoot a button while going for doe, your done... Awesome place to hunt, lots of people try to hunt there, you can forget about the weekends, your best chance isjust before rut, during the week!!!! Hope this helped......
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