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Default RE: 45-70 Gov Best Rifle Choice


With the 45-70 there is no bad choice of rifle. Any old one will due. All you need is a bunch of Black Powder, Five gallon bucket full of wheel weights, melting pot, ladle, and some sort of mold. Any old 405 grain mold will due. Pour the case full of powder. Take a butter knife and smooth off at the top of the casing. Seat, crimp, and shoot. You do not even have to crimp for a single shot. Keep your loads around 1200 fps, and your casings will last a lifetime(not quite), a little soap and water, and load them again. It does not get any cheaper, or better than that. Now this is what I call shooting. And this is what I call fun. That load will kill animals as far as you are capable of shooting. Do not believe anyone who tells you a 45-70 is a 100 yard rifle. There were a whole lot of buffalo that could tell you different. Here is one of mine. Tom.

That is sweet. I want one. I was looking at them just a couple of days ago when I was picking up my muzzleloader.
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