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i bought a "ground force" by greenhead gear .... have yet see a blind set-up and break down as quick as this blind (as compact) .... weighs only 17 lbs ... and has packstraps and plenty of brush pockets .... after i bought mine my cousin took his eliminator pro-guide back and bought himself one .... takes a bit gettin used to usin em and being restricted to the small area inside (was huntin with quite a bit of clothing on in very low temps) but once ya get used to it yawill bevery comfortable in em im sure .... i know i fell asleep a couple times .... lol .... had flocks of birds fly very low and right over us and many land within 15' of us on a short huntin trip .... well worth the money .... here is a pic with a few birds and our 2 blinds brushed up
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