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Above was the reply I received from "General Mills"

Following is my reply to them:

Mr. Jeff Hagen,

Thank you for responding to my email. It never occurred to me until I started this boycott of "General Mills", how many products that my family purchases that are made by "General Mills" or one of there subsidiary companies. My children where upset they couldn't get there "French Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams and Cheerios" until my wife and I explained to them that it was companies like "General Mills" through lack of research or other reason that help promote the "Animal Rights Activist" agenda. So we purchased "Kellogg’s Corn Pops, Crispix & Honey Corn Flakes".

You stated below "We did not anticipate that a calendar promoting responsible pet ownership would be in any way controversial." It's not the calendar it's the organization. HSUS is the largest "Animal Rights Activist" organization in North America. HSUS is Anti- hunting, Anti-fishing, Anti-trapping and Anti-animal farming. They might come out with a nice calendar about pet ownership but HSUS’s subtle messages are for anti-animal use. HSUS’s funds don't go to helping animals it goes to promote the "Animal Rights Activist" propaganda and to stop the use of any animals under the guise of "Public Education". The rest goes into fund raising and administration. But what do they do for animals? The answer is nothing!!

My family will keep up the boycott against "General Mills" and all it's subsidiary companies until we see a nation wide advertising campaign explaining that the funds or donations given to the "Humane Society of the United States" was a mistake. That "General Mills" and all it subsidiary companies do not support the HSUS or any other animal rights organization or there ideals. It would also be nice to see "General Mills" make a further donation in the amount given to the HSUS to some children’s charity on top of "General Mills" normal charitable donations. My family & I will keep urging our friends, relatives and acquaintances to follow our lead and also boycott "General Mill".

I'm also posting this boycott and all these emails on the internet message boards to get as much support for this boycott as possible! This boycott might start large corporations like "General Mill" to start doing some research before they support fringe organizations

We'll be watching,
Albert Hartwig & Family

As you can see, I'm doing my best to follow through with my last statement. But I really could use everyones help to keep this going.
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