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I am looking to sell my bow.It is a 2007 Bowtech Vital Impact. This bow is not in the regular Bowtech line of bows because it is a bow produced for Sportsman's Warehouse. It is in MINT condition and has only seen the woods a hand full of times. I am a poor college student and have found myself pressed for money...haha I'm sure many of you know what I am talking about. That is the only reason for selling. It is set at 28" and 65 lb. It is a very fast and extremely quiet bow. I have had the bow for maybe 3 months and took two does with it. Two complete pass throughs. One at 30 yards and one at 25 yards.Thebow has a trueglo sight andquiver, whisker biscuit,and also a simms stabalizer. Everything you see on the bow including the 5 Carbon Force arrows goes. Anyone interested? If youhave questions or are interested pleaserespond onhere or email at [email protected] Thanksguys!

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