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Actually, the hog tracks look similar to deer tracks, only the points are farther apart. Deer tracks are heart shaped. Hogs have the toes further apart. Look for areas that look like a roto tiller has been through there. Sometimes the areas even smell bad. The hogs dig up everything in sight! If you want to bait them, I'd suggest digging some post holes as deep as you can go, pouring some corn down in there, a quart or so of diesel fuel or jello mix and then fill the hole in on top of it. I've read that these hogs can smell stuff buried up to 15 feet below the surface! I did the posthole thing a few weeks ago and sure enough, the hogs showed up. I didn't give them a chance to start digging though. I came back a while later and there was a big hole dug where they had been trying to get at that corn! Anothe thing you could do is get a feeder and set it up for the hogs. You can get a depredation permit from the Oklahoma wildlife department and then you can shoot them at night!
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