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Default RE: Strange Black animal in the woods.....

ORIGINAL: furgitter

Long legs? Furry tail? You dont give us much to work with.
I don't have that information. I gave allthe info I have, and I do wish I had more because I really want to know what this is. I do know it is nothing I have ever seen in the woods before.



It was too small to be a bear
A large misconception that people have is that all bears are big. I wouldn't rule a bear out.
It wasn't shaped like a bear. It was skinny and didn't run like a bear. It was REALLY fast.

One detail I forgot in the original post is that the last time I saw this animal there were two of them running together. They crossed a dirt road about 250 yards downhill from my stand. I could see that far because I was set up on the edge of a powerline clearing. This location is about 2 miles from where I originally observed the first one.
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