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I have used the SST's for a few years now and they are very accurate. I thought they were doing ok on deer but last year and this year I have noticed that the blood trails are sparse and the deer running a long way before showing signs of a hit. After reading some other posters complaining I took another look at some of my previous shots. I hunt MD, VA and PA and get to shoot a lot of deer in a year. Last week I picked up some Barnes MZ expandrs. At the range they shot at the same impact as the 250 SST. Today I shot a doe in MD and the results were great. Deer down in 25 yards and blood from impact to deer. Now one deer does not make a bullet but it was a good start. I have shot Barnes X bullets in my center fires for years and they are great. No idea why it took me so long to try these. I may look at the TMZ for times when I may be shooting at longer ranges. I have no problem shooting a premium bullet to hunt with. For the range I will stick with the SST's as I can get them cheap.
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