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Default RE: Jim Shocky's new powder????

You might search through the archives to back in late September of this year. I did a bunch of playing around with both the ffg and fffg. Using sabots and the new Platinum Powerbelts, I had better luck with the ffg. It burns real clean and gives great speed. I got quite a bit more speed out of 130 grains of ffg JSG than I did out of 150 grains of loose Pyrodex RS - with same bullet of course. The bullet was a 250 grain Shockwave and the JSG load produced about 2300 fps. Grouped well to boot.

One thing about this powder - start with a clean dry barrel. Do not swab or lube or anything else between shots. Just load it and shoot it. My gun needs a fouling shot or two to "settle in" - from there it prints with alarming consistency. And it is my understanding that you can leave the barrel fouled for awhile without ill effect. So the plan is to shoot the rifle shortly before season, confirm the zero, and leave it fouled through the end of the season.
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