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Default Something that sticks in my craw.

I don't remember if i started a thread like this before, but I decided to post it anyways.

The mentality of todays bowhunters has amazed me. I am specifically referring to the trend of purchasing a new bow every year. Now keep in mind that I am not trying to bash anyone by this thread, I just don't understand it.

I bought a new bow in 2000. The bow is a Darton Mountain that has 80% let off, 60-70 pounds draw, 35" ata, single cam, light weight, and capable of shooting around 300 fps. I bought this bow because my previous bow had energy wheels, was heavy, very long ata, and very slow. I wanted to upgrade...oh old bow was purchased in 1994.

To me if you have a bow that is severly out-dated then buy a new bow. But, if you have a bow that is only a year old...what good does it do to buy a new one? The brand spankin new, greatest thing since sliced bread, better than individually wrapped cheese slices model can not have that many improvements over the model from the year before. Plus with bows costing around $500-$700 how can people afford to purchase a new bow year after year?

To me, and this is just my opinion, it does not make sence. My bow is six years old and can still compete with anything on the market today. I have no plans on buying a new one for a very long time...if ever. If you do buy a new bow every year, more power to ya. Give me some insite as to why. Thanks.
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