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When it comes to shotguns I'm a huge fan of Benelli, they work. If your looking for a pump I've seen the Nova with a 24" barrel for under $300 in a few different stores. If you have the extra cash and you want an auto the Benelli M2 is a work horse.

Right now my Turkey/duck/goose/deer (lower Michigan is slugs only) gun is the Nova with the 24", 28", and Slug Barrels but I'm about to hand that one down to my girl friend and move up to the M2 Field ComforTech with the same barrels. I got to use one of them this year and I fell in love with it.

I'm using the Kicks choke tube with the Nova and its worked out great so far, I might try the Benelli crio turkey tube with the M2 but then again why mess with what works. The Nova can throw a 3 1/2 load but I find myself using the 3" ones. They also make a recoil reducer for the Nova seems to take a bit of the bite out of it, my girl friend shoots it with no problem but she is athletic.

I've had and still have a few other Benenlli's and I've never had any problems with them.

Lots of great guns out there, enjoy the one you get.
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