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Funny, I live in Woodstock too.

I hunt Lake County quite a bit - near the Wauconda/Volo/Lakemoore area. Not too far from River Road/Moraine Hills State Park. Also have a spot in McHenry Co. in the Huntley/Marengo area. There's plenty of big bucks around, but with a limited amount of cover, heavy pressure from all imaginable sources, trespassers, houses, traffic, and a myraid of other obstacles to deal with they're not as easy to catch up with as one might think.

As for the rut, I'm sure there's a few late estrous does that the bucks are chasing, but for the most part it's pretty much done and over. I would focus more on food sources than doe bedding areas as the big guys are going to be needing to feed pretty soon - especially with this cold weather moving in.

And Peakrut - if you need someone to keep an eye on your River Road spot, send me a PM.
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