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Default RE: How to trap beaver?

Not sure if your talkin a dam slide or just a bank slide so i'll give ya both. For a bank set i take a 330 connibear and set it at the bottom of the slide with some of the trap sumbmerged in the water. You want it the right height so the beaver does not feel the trap is blocking the run but also not too high so that it still has to swim into the trap. I tie it down to a good tree or clump of willows then take a few twigs and make a bit of a lane if i need to to avoid him going around the trap. Don't over do it though they may catch on. Take 2 larger sticks and push them down in the mud between the 2 springs so the trap cannot fall over. (some people use stakes). I then get a 3 foot peice of green poplar and shave it a bit with the axe, wet it, and stick it in the bank upright 3 feet behind the trap. They see dinner and use the run to get that yummy stick. Last thing you do is remove the safety clips on the trap.

For a dam set i find the slide or else open the dam up to create my own slide. I set the trap at the bottom of the dam right where the water levels out and upside down (trigger pointed up). I set it at the bottom because once they start down the slide they are screwed also catch alot of otter this way, trigger should catchem right under the chin. Again take a few larger sticks and pushem down in between the springs to hold the trap in place. Tie the trap down good and remove the saftey clips, good to go. Of i have had my balls busted b4 with safety clips what i do is flip them over and hang them ontop of the spring the opposite direction so there is no way any movement of the trap or moving water can have the safety catch.

good luck, anything else just yell, i could talk trappin beaver 24/7
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