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Kschafer, I am also in the Ft.Wayne area. I just moved from NE Ft.Wayne this past summer and I now live in New Haven.

bnzartman, I see you are in Warsaw, we used to have a lake house on Chapman Lake, is it still considered the 3rd cleanest lake in Indiana? I loved that lake!

Mossyoak722, we are definitely underrated, but that isn't a bad thing. I'd much rather fly under the radar without the notoriaty. When you start being put on a pedestol, everyone and their brother comes from out of state and before you know it, our already crowded public hunting land becomes so packed that it's a worthless attemptto even hunt it. In Northern Indiana, there isn't much public land for the pickin' so keeping it a secret is a wonderful plan. When you get down south, there's a lot more land to accomodate a lot more hunters, but up here it's a completely different story. I'm fortunate enough to have private land to hunt, and we do hold some big bucks out there, but when you are hunting a land you've obtained permission for, there's just no telling HOW LONG you will be able to hunt it. Any variety of circumstances could change your luck dramatically.

So, don't be goin' around tellin' our little secrets... [8D]
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