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Default RE: Will new Bowtech 2007 bows have laminated limbs ?

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I'm not lost, PaJay; been a member here since 99'.
You guys must think Ol' Sag is here to stir the pot with only 1 reply in 68 views.
Well, I do like to stir itbut was serious with the laminated question since my cousin is a Bowtech shooterbut prefers laminated limbs.
In the pics of the new bows, the limbs don't look laminated but that could be because of the camo paint.
Can't tell the Stryker has laminated limbs either from the pics.
If the Stryker has laminated limbs, why not the compounds ?
How about it, Pat ?
I know, you're lurking out there somewhere.


I'm still here when I get time to be...

Where did you read the Stryker had laminated limbs?

If you go to theStryker web site click on the product tab, then click on the red dot on the limb (or the Whisper tech Silence tab)it says they have "highly efficient wrapped split limbs for added durability, long life and a significantly quieter shot than other crossbows on the market".

Nothin' about laminated limbs...
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