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Default RE: Will new Bowtech 2007 bows have laminated limbs ?

Hello, Frank.
Long time no talk, old friend.
I do prefer laminated limbs as it's been proven that any laminated material whetherit islumber, glass, or metals is normallysuperior in strength to a solid material.
Bullet proof glass is always made of laminations.
In stress tests laminated lumber has proven to be three to four times stronger than solid.
Solid limbs, I remember reading in the past, are rated at 130,000 to 150,000 psi where laminated limbs are rated 190,000 to well over 200.000 psi.
So, it just makes sense that a laminated limb issuperior.
I do have an old PSE Mach 8 with solid compressin molded limbs that's still going strong since 98' and know of old bows with solid limbs that are much older that are still going strong too.
So, in reality, how could laminated limbs be that much superior ?
I still feel, shooting too light of an arrow is the major reason fordamaged limbs whether laminated or solid.
Even a 5 gr per lb arrow weight that's beenIBO legal for many yearsis too light for my liking.
Remember when 5 grs per lb IBO wasn't legal and manufactures would notwarranty limbsat thatgrain weight?
When a couple manufacturersfinally did warranty 5 grs per lb, it forced all other manufactures to follow suit in order to keep selling bows.
I can tell you that most bow companies never wanted to warranty bows below 6 grs per lb and still wouldn't to this day if given a choice.
I shoot 6 to 8 grs per lb on all my bows since I first started shooting and have never had a single limb failure in the last 15 years.
Knock on my wooden head.
I'm well aware of Bowtech's bad rap for limb failure on the other site and even teased others about it from time to time.
But Bowtech has always been known as the bow to get for speed and their designshas always beenmore aggresive than most others.
If I shot Bowtech, I would shoot 7 to 8 grs per lb, which would still be plenty fast and I bet, I would virtually never have a limb failure.
Like others, I don't believe there is actually that many limb failures as some are bogus claimsandmade up by pot stirrers like myself.
I do love my Barnsdale limbs on my Bowman bows but am not blind to the fact that they sometimes fail too.
Been a few posts pointing that out lately.
In fact, it looks like Dave Barnsdale gets his limb materials from Gordon just like everyone elsesave Merlin.
He now has a link to Gordon composites at his website so it's doesn't take a genius to figure out why !
But, just because you get them from Gordon doesn't mean they're inferior or superior to the limbs of other manufacturers.
The limbmaterials chosen, Bowtuff, Powertuff etc, number of laminations, glues, grinding, finish, and how you use them to manufacture your own limbsall determine how good your product is in the end.
Stewart Bowman, like a lot of manufacturers,has Dave Barnsdalebuild his limbs to his own specifications.
Stewart has Dave build the butt of his limbs much thicker than most any other because he feels, a thicker limb butt is superior and less prone to failure vs limbs with thinner butts.
The fact that Stewart has replaced only one limb in the last 15 years proves his point imo.
One area where solid limbs have it all over laminates is heat.
Solid limbs can survive heat where a laminated limb will come apart when the glues used to hold the laminates together soften.
Though too much heat will wrap a solid limb ruining it as well.
Middleton Crossbow has a new interesting solid limb that they guarantee can take extreme heat without failure.
They claim, their limbs are not even affected by the extreme heat of an enclosed automobile !
Would be interesting to know the construction of their limbs.
Well, that's about allmy feeble mindcan remember about limb construction.
Sorry for the ramble.
Good talking with you again, Frank.
We'll have to do it more often like the good ol' days.

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