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Default RE: Indiana Hunters

I had a feeling this morning was going to be good, and it was. Started off horribly though, either my alarm didnt go off or i shut it off immediately without waking up, neither me nor my wife heard it go off. I wake up and it is 7:15 am. I hurried up and took off, my spot is only about 10 minutes away, seen a huge buck chasing a doe through a field on the way out there. Got in the woods and was settled by about 8am. Not 10 minutes later i had spike buck come in. I watched him for a while and then i heard a crashing off to my left, decent 8 pointer all over a doe. He chased her everywhere, they didnt leave my sight until almost 9:30. A half hour went by and i looked back to left and seen a very tall rack coming in, thought for sure it was that big 8 from a week ago. He ended up heading into some brush and i lost him, come to find out he had circled around me and was heading straight back to me. His nose was to the ground and his mouth looked like it was hanging open lol. He was in hot pursuit of some love. As he got closer it looked like it was either a 4 or a 6 point, but a huge body and decent rack. As he went back into the neighbors property he finally found him a doe and pushed her around. The doe was letting him get a whiff of her. Finally at about 10:30 i had that basket rack 9 that i saw the other day come in, i left at 11. The bucks were on the move this morning, the does looked extremely close to being ready. Im a bit dissapointed though to see all those an not see the one i am after. I have a feeling I wont see him again. I'll keep trying though.
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