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Default RE: What a sad, sad!

I agree, I would put him down as well, and if you don't want to use a tag for it, call the game warden out, they will do it for you and most likely let you keep the meat.

I think we owe it to nature to do our part in a situation like this. After all of the great memories you havemade with this deer, wouldn't it be great to at least have something besides *this* horrid memory to remember him by? At least you would never have to wonder and guess what became of him and whether he was faring well... A deer with a broken leg or two is going to live a miserable life often times succombing to starvation if you get a bad winter storm. If he's in that much pain, I'm sure it would suite him better than going through MORE pain by being eaten alive by a hungry yote or dealing with days of hunger only to end in a miserable, prolonged death by starvation.

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