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Default RE: Indiana Hunters

Went yesterday afternoon. Saw a 4pt running around, then a 6pt following him a minute later. Saw a few does right before dark, but closest they came was 100 yards.

I'm kind of bummed that nothing real big came within bow range this year (I won't be able to hunt to gun opener now). Had many small does/button bucks and small bucks close..but I'd rather burn an archery tag than shoot a small deer. If the past week was gun season, I would have been tagged out with a few very nice deer. That alone keeps my hopes up.

The past few years I've used my Knight muzzleloader during firearm season. This year I'm switching back to my 12ga. I've used Lightfield sabots in the past, and this year they have a great slug out. If you're 2.5" high @ 50y, it's dead nuts @ 150y, 6" low @ 200y still flyingnearly 1000fps. That is crazy! Comparable to some small caliber rifles. My Knight is 4" low @ 200y, but it sucks cleaning that thing all the time.
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