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Default RE: What a sad, sad!

I'm pretty sure he was hit by a car, possibly got his butt handed to him by a bigger buck. I had originally thought that he was hit by a car simply because of his leg, but then I got to thinking about the broken antler and if it was broke by a car I would imagine his head would have been hit and he wouldn't still be alive. I don't know for sure what happened to him but I do know that it stinks, this buck is/was one of those deer that you just loved to watch, he was always doing something to make you laugh or something that was just fun to watch. I watched him this season walk past my stand with a fun ear of corn in his mouth and the nearest corn-field was about 250 yards away, I actually laughed out loud when I saw him doing that, I wonder if he was trying to make a stock pile for the winter somewhere He was always making and checking the scrapes in the area and he always had a little button buck with him everywhere he went.I'm gonna give it another hour or so and go check on him one last time tonight, we have had some coyotes in the area earlier this year and that is my biggest fear, that one will find him and take advantage.
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