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Default Probably the end of my bow season

Well, with a week left in the Indiana archery season, and a tag left to fill, I will probably have to hang my bow up for the year.

I was really hoping to hunt hard this week, considering us Hoosiers got an extra week of archery this year, and I fully intended on using it up!

For starters, I only had 4 arrows to begin with and 3 of my new broadheads (they're really expensive)... almost three weeks ago now, I missed a 160 class (approx) and buried that broadhead into the dirt, making it useless, down to two good broadheads, 4 arrows. Wednesday, I missed another one, buried that arrowand couldn't find it in the tall grass... down toone good broadhead, 3 arrows. Well, yesterday, as I was getting my son outof the truck, he must have bumpedan arrow loose in my quiver and itslidpartially out the door unnoticed... I shut the door on it. [:@] Down to 2 arrows... UGH!!!Now,my husband has a couple of broadheads I could put on (same as what I use), but like I said, I'm down to two arrows... and to make matters worse, my husband was in a car accident on Thursday, breaking his foot in4 places, laying him upfor6 weeks... so, I don't have anyone to help me track and drag. I wouldn't worryabout it,I'd do it myself, except for at 8 months pregnant I*can't*.

So, I guess I'm down to gunhunting this year (muzzleloader) starting a week from today.I will be hunting with my mom, so I will have some help, as well as I will only probably behunting weekends and mornings when my husband's best friend can hunt with me and helpget the deer outof the woods.

Sorry for the long post, just had to vent, it's been an awful week. After such a good year of bowhunting, even without a successful harvest as of yet, I really hate to hang it up, but don't have many options at thispoint.Hubby can't walk for a week, soI can't exactly leave him at home alone for 4 or 5 hours while I go hunt anyway.
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