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Default I'm *really* an idiot! LOL

So, I finally got into the woods for the first time in a week this morning. Didn't see anything for an hour or so, bout 7:30, we decided to rattle and grunt. Within 3 minutes, we look out 150 yds to our left and there was a monster standing there staring in our direction. We checked the other direction, chatted for about 15 seconds, looked back, POOF, vanished! About 5 minutes later, a smallish (8pt maybe) went trotting across the same field, he was definitely on a mission, wasn't stoppin' for anything. 5 minutes after that, at about 7:40, a nice 6 comes through the set aside, came right to me at 30 yds (my max shot). Well, I drew on him, and waited for him to hit my lane. Unfortunately, Joe bleated too early, stopped him, just as I was getting ready to release, he needed to wait for the buck to take two more steps, but it was too late. I shot right in front of him. I totally was *not* expecting Joe to stop him...

Anyway, that makes my 2nd miss this year. I know it's part of hunting, so I'm not upset about it, but I really am ready to fill this tag!
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