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Typical Buck
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Default RE: missed a typical 6 by 6 with dubble drop tines and split brow tines and 3 kickers

my first year bowhunting, 2 years ago, i missed a wide, dark antlered, short tined, 9 pointer. I had watched this buck for 15 minutes well within range a few weekends prior, problem was it was antlerless only season and i had my rifle and was lookin for baldies. It was about 730 in the mornin and i was chillin in my ground blind, when i hear a ton of crashin, and a real nice 8 pointer chased a doe past my stand at about 30 yards, but never gave me a shot, then i hear more crashin and a doe ran past at 20 yards, so i was all ready, bow up and ready to draw, and here comes the 9, i knew it was him right away, and drew back and mouth bleated and he stopped behind some trees, then took a few steps and i bleated again and put the pin behind his shoulder and let go, and the arrow hit right at its feet, he trotted off, unscathed. Turns out when you're shooting uphill from the ground at 45 yards with a 20 yard pin, you will tend to hit a tad bit low. i learned my lesson and never saw that buck again.
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