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I sat in this stand tonight and all of a sudden ,over my left shoulder, I hear the tree's getting a thrashing,then I hear the scraping,then more trashing,scraping ,THRASING,SCRAPING.It's LOUD and went on for 15-20 minutes.Sounds like trees were getting torn down.
I'm up and ready,I'm grunting and bleating I'm nocked and ready.
It's a 15 yard shot if it(they?) would just come from behind that bush.
Thers NO DOUPT it's big,Theres NO DOUPT it's inside 20 yards.
Then it stops,it's quite ,I give one last grunt and it pops out and it's big(for around here).Perfect broadside shot at 15 yards.I turn off the site light and go to full draw,I can see the dark outline in my site,and I no where the shoulder is....
So I shot him in the A$$ ,then he ran off and I dident bother looking for it cause I wanted to get home to watch Jerry Springer.

I dident take the shot,I thine I would have nailed it but.... OH WELL.
He left after trashing another tree for 15 min's .
So there I sit for another 1/2 hr waiting for a chance to leave.
On the way out I switched the chip in the Camera and this is what I had.
The first pic is a totaly different deer then the second pic .Right?

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