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Default RE: I missed...or did I??


It's one of the tough lessons in hunting. But telling someone they should not be hunting is a bit ridiculous. Why not try and educate a junior hunter when he/she does wrong rather than just condemning them out of hand?
What was done was wrong. Other than the memory of that deer lying there dead and bloated, he learned a lesson, or should have.
Maybe next time he'll check the shot.
But then, since some of us are perfect...
By his own words, the hunters said.."Then this morning I figure what the heck so I went out and sure enough at the bottom of the hill at the creek the deer was laying dead". ...Sounds like this hunterhad nothing better to do.....

I understand you're feelings but I have to agree with Bionicrooster 100%. That junior hunter should put his gun away 'til next year and maybe then he'll be mature enought to take the correct action after the shot.

This wasn't aminor oversight it was capital sin of hunting. If he was my kid he would spend a lot of time this deer season raking leaves' cause he sure as heck wouldn't have a gun in his hand.

If he was hunting from my camp, I would just tell him one thig:..."There's a front door and a back door...pick one"!
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