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Sitting still is HUGE. Many times, I don't see deer until they are very close, due to cover, wind noise, birds making noise, moist leaves from morning dew, rain, etc. etc. However, usually I am not busted for moving because I am careful to be as still as I can.

Another reason might be if you are in open woods. Deer will go in open woods during the evening, but generally like to be near thick cover when it is light enough to shoot, particularly if there is hunting pressure in the area.

A good strategy for a beginner is to try hunting differenttreestand locations in different areas near thick cover (ie. in a less thick area bordering thickets, etc.), then change trees based on deer sightings. By moving you should eventually find a spot where you see deer, and depending on whether you're bowhunting or gun hunting, can change your stand location closer to where the action is. Having said that, you don't want to hunt a spot more than two days in a row or the deer will likely figure you out and vanish. If I have a good spot, I like to wait and use it when the bucks are seeking/chasing to give me my best chance when it is fresh.

Good luck! We all started off in your position, but with experience you should be better at seeing deer on your hunts.
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