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As I said, nobody is a bigger remington 700 fan than myself, they are the best production deer, varmin tand target rifle IMO. But a DGR they are NOT. Reasons. Brazed bolt handle, bad extractor system (for dg), and a not so great ejector system (for dg). The last thing I would want chasing DG on another continent, in much warmer temps (and in turn, higher pressures), with big bore, high pressure loadings is a rifle that is not 100% to extract and eject, and one whose bolt hand might just come off if I yank on it to extract that sticky case.Africa is the onearena where the Mauser wins, every time, hands down. Dont take my word for it,
I'll probable get into trouble for telling the truth here, but here goes....

I bought my first 700 Rem. in about 1971 and i'm still shooting it... I've had/have many more that i've hunted with all over the U.S. and Canada. None of the extractors in any of my Rem. 700's have had even one seconds problem..... None of them can tell if your hunting DG or a squirell, so if they last 30 years squirell hunting they will last 30 years hunting DG!!

In the 25 years i lived and hunted in Alaska, i depended on a 700 Rem. action for my DG rifle even when i was going in the alder thickets after a wounded brown bear.... I have 100% faith in my 700 as a DG rifle, and the extractor/bolt "so called" problem is a bunch of BS!!!

Yes an occasional rifle will have a problem, but i would NOT go to a gunshop and buy ANY brand of firearm, and head out in the field with it to hunt DG or any other animial, UNTILL that firearm shows me it's reliable "at the range" durning "many hours" of practice. Only then will it go to the field with me, "especially" as a DG gun....

My DG rifle still today works perfectly, and i wouldn't be afraid to head to Africa with it tomorrow!

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