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Default RE: My gun for Africa....

Just a it's current state, the XCR 700 is 7.5#, the .375RUM pumps out around 5000ft.lbs. of muzzle energy. Yeah, that thing WILL kick like a mule.

I shoot Ruger M77's in .458Lott and .416 Rigby, as well as a CZ550 .416Rigby my LIGHTEST was 9.5# before adding a butt pad, detachable scope mounts and scope, aluminum bedding block,and extra weight in the forend and buttstock. The CZ has a compensator and it's a pleasure to shoot for what it is, but you'd be pretty [email protected] tough to sit down and put a box through it (not that you ever would anyway).

Plus, like others have mentioned, you're not going to be able to find RUM ammo over there, so on the good chance that you get separated from your ammo in transit, you'll likely want to have a more commonly used cartridge.
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