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Default RE: My gun for Africa....

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As I said, nobody is a bigger remington 700 fan than myself, they are the best production deer, varmin tand target rifle IMO. But a DGR they are NOT. Reasons. Brazed bolt handle, bad extractor system (for dg), and a not so great ejector system (for dg). The last thing I would want chasing DG on another continent, in much warmer temps (and in turn, higher pressures), with big bore, high pressure loadings is a rifle that is not 100% to extract and eject, and one whose bolt hand might just come off if I yank on it to extract that sticky case.Africa is the onearena where the Mauser wins, every time, hands down. Dont take my word for it,

Yeah I agree the extractor on the 700 isn't the strongest. They do have a 798 that has a Mauser type claw extractor. They areconsiderably more exspensive though.
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