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Default Antler Scoring Judgement Call

I was just reading an issue of NA Whitetail about a 23 year old guy that shot a huge 7X7 last year. It would have easily taken the state record and contented with the world record typicals but they ruled his G2s and G3s to be forked G2s and he ended up scoring in the low 200s as a non-typical. The tines were touching at the bases if at all. It looked like the Lloyd Goad buck in the way the two tines came out of the base and they gave him the typical nod. Here's a picture of another buck that got scored as a 5 X 5 typical:

If this buck has two separate tines, than that kid's buck certainly should have been scored a 7 X 7 typical and scored at least 212 typical - maybe more. What do you guys think?
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