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Default Enigma Camo's first Muzzleloader Harvest

This morning my hunting buddy Jeff and I went and hunted the PSU property we have a DMAP tag for. Well things started out slow over there, we didn't hear our first shot until 7:30 am. But then things piced up quite a bit. Wellat about 9am I had a doe sneak up behind me in some very thick stuff. I happened to be standing at this point behind a tree that didn't quite cover my 6' 1" 240lb frame, so basically I was completely exposed. She was 20 yds away looked up when I moved to raise my gun. I froze and then I proceeded to get what I myself has started to call the 100 yd stare. I think it is what all us Enigma users are calling "staring right through us. She figured nothing was going to harm her and quickly went back to feeding and eating. I finally found a spot in the thick brush where I could shoot. And when she got there I let loose with my 50 cal slug. But all I got to see was at tail waving good-bye to me. I checked where she was standing and no hair or Blood and then saw her running up the oppisite hill away from me.I'm sure something deflected my shot.

Wellthis afternoon after the wind picked up my buddy Jeff and I went to the farm we usually hunt and decided togo up and across this low ridge on the property. Well while on top of the ridge with winds gusting to 30 mph we kicked up 2 doe, they didn't seem to go far so we proceeded very slowly wich is a good thing because as we got to the end of the ridge I looked down and saw both deer near the field edge that runs along the ridge. I was about 150 yards away at this point. I then dropped to my knees and left my gear there and proceeded to crawl from tree to tree all the while this deer was bedded along the field directly down wind of us. I only moved while the wind was blowing hard. and managed to crawl up to about 65yds. I sat there and waited for the doe to stand to give me a shot. After about 10 minutes she stood but still gave me no shot because she was facing me. Well she becan to walk to my right so I cocked my hammer and pulled the trigger and "CLICK" nothing, re-cock, "CLICK", re-cock, CLICK". By this time she dissapeared down the hill were I couldn't see her. I re-adjusted my flint by hand the best I could and cleaned the flint and frizzen with my glove since by tools where back where I started the stalk. Wel I thn snuck up to where I could see her again at 40yds. She finally cleared some more brush offering a broadside shot, I then cocked the hammer pulled the trigger and "CLICK" nothing, Re-cocked, "CLICK" nothing again. By this time I was ready to throw my gun at her. I took one last time to try to readjust my flint, re-cocked and fired this time "Bang"! And when the smoke cleared Ihad a doe laying on the ground dead. What an emotional roller coaster! She isn't the biggest deer, but I am proud none the less because of all that had led up to me harvesting her. And the best part of it all was she never ever indicated that she thought something was wrong and that she may be in danger. Even looking directly at me several time seeing nothing.

Well sorry for the long report, I thought it was a pretty good hunting story. I even remarked to my buddy Jeff what a great story it was, and he agreed. He even got to see the whole thing evolve. Here is the pic, It's not the biggest deer in the woods but I was very proud of the stalk I made on her. I also partially attribute my successful stalk to my scent control practices and some of the concealment my Enigma Camo afforded me.

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