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Default RE: mock scrapes =sucess?

well this time of year it really depends when your rut starts if you hunt private area just go to a stand with a good view and watch for does set up in there area once you start seeing buck cruising then you know its starting. personally I dont shoot anything unless its unique or a monster this time of year just because the potentiall for big bucks isnt there yet.

for example i hunt in Michigan which i feel is one of the most underatted states for monster whitetails I am 21 yrs old and I have shot 12 bucks in my 7 year career 9 of which score over 121 Yes i hunt private property but i have made it good just like last year i pasted 28 bucks in the month of decmeber last year all where smaller than 100" so this year im expecting great things but if you dont have private property yet go where noone else goes on public land you WILL find deer there i gaurentee it.

side note look for saddles and Oak trees where you can find some good feeding areas.

good luck in your hunt!!
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