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Default RE: What's the best way to attract deer?


ORIGINAL: jmjuergensen

....Anyways, we've seen tons of deer up there and I actually shot this buck last year, even though we purchased the land about a month before hunting season and had very little time to scout out the area.

Not bad for the first deer shot on the new land....
I may be out of line here but if you see tons of deer why not do like others have said...find them, setup and shoot them?

Heaven forbid you should go in, spend some time scouting on your own, come up with a "personal" gameplan on your own and hunt them on your own.

What am I missing here?If the others huntersdo not have access to your little piece,that's what they would have to do.

Maybe there's more satisfaction in Northern Minnesota attracting deer to your stand than not.

Just my two cents....
That's a little un-called for man. He's just looking for some more ideas. What do you think these forums are for? Over 2k posts, and you've never tried to get any new ideas?!
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