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Default What happened yesterday bowhunting

Saw 5 bucks in piedmont region of NC. Think I got winded because one 8 pointer took off, and then the rest followed. They didn't blow at me, or didnt flag white tails up while running off. The wind was blowing somewhat the way they were in. What do I need to do? I'm thinking about going in there today and trying them again. Have seen them 2 days in a row in the same place around 7pm. I am using scent free soap as well as spraying scent free spray on clothes to kill my scent. Is there any other things I could use to cover my scent up? I'm thinking Tinks 69 or something like that. I know its not the rut yet, so I'm very hesitant to use deer piss.

By the way, I don't think the big boy smelled me, just the smaller 8. The others just followed him when he took off.
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