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Default time to update the closet

Ok so for me its time to outfit the hunting closet
also I hunt partridge,deer and waterfowl.

coveralls mp;hvarEvent=&hvarClassCode=15&hvarSubCode =7&hvarTarget=browse

gloves mp;hvarEvent=&hvarClassCode=15&hvarSubCode =7&hvarTarget=browse

calls mp;hvarEvent=&hvarClassCode=6&hvarSubCode= 6&hvarTarget=browse mp;hvarEvent=&hvarClassCode=6&hvarSubCode= 5&hvarTarget=browse

maybe even mp;hvarClassCode=15&hvarSubCode=7&hvarTarg et=browse&cmid=PP_P0_1&cmCat=CROSSSELL mp;hvarClassCode=6&hvarSubCode=5&hvarTarge t=browse&cmid=PP_P0_2&cmCat=CROSSSELL


so if you have anything to add in please say.Id also have camo/blaze hats, shirt and vest

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