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mauser06 checkin in!! good to see a few familiar names!!

you all know this is my first year with a bow...but should also know me well enough by now to know im gunna give em hell or go down still kickin! i goto college full time and will also be trying to work 2-3days a week. that sounds like alot but i think i got the system beat. i dont have class monday till 6pm and im done thursday at like 5pm. that leaves monday morning, i think wed morning is open. friday i told work i can work 7-4..hunt from 430-dark. sat i told them i can work 1-11 so i can hunt till noon. sundays i cant hunt so ill work any time. i know i gota study and hit the books. but i have alot of down time on my days of class when i have class mornings and nights so i think i can pull it all off. in the end books come first but im good at juggling and should have no problem pulling it all off. already requested off the first day just to hunt all day. ill pick a morning stand then an evening stand. eat lunch and move around noon-3 or something. itll probably still be hot here so i shouldnt miss much if i dont sit all farmer friend got a whole herd picked out for me. i havent seen them in person yet but he says theres 3-5 legal bucks in the group. he got them patterend and hes a guy that knows his deer. last year he put a kid in stand for bow season and he missed 2 legal bucks before 9am!! the kid didnt wanna practice and learn to shoot his bow, just wanted to hunt. im ready to go. plus at school i got a SGLs i hunt. ive seen ALOT of nice bucks up there when i was small game and fall turkey hunting all my life. i cant ready. speaking of it.....i better cut the grass now so i can shoot this evening.
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