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We usually will let the hunter set up just like he would if he were by himself. Typically, the cameraman will be higher and to the hunters right about 90 degrees. By the cameraman being higher, it completely gets him out of the way of the shooter. By angling the stand to the hunters right, it allows the cameraman to film the hunter over his left shoulder, which is much easier than trying to film to his right. {If he's right handed} You want to be as close as possible to each while still being far enough apart to not be in each others way. If you get too far apart, you cannot communicate well enough to know what's going on. Also, I really like to filmout of a stand that has a rail all the way around it, such as a Summit Viper or the original Ol' Man stands. This allows me to move around the tree and still be comfortable and safe. As a videographer you need to be able tofilm360 degrees around you and be able to do so while moving smoothly. Alot of variables go into getting good film, but the number one thing is being steady. If the camera work is shakey, the film is complete crap, regardless of what you caught on film.
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