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However, I hunt elk and a 223 gr would not do the job in all situations. I do have some 270 grain platinum Powerbelts that I want to try on whitetails though.

223 Gn powerbelt is More than enough for an elk. If you get a good heart or double lung shot, its going to put that elk on its ass. Ive always used the 245 hollow point but may switch to 223 Gn this year. A 223gn powerbelt will drop the elk. Come on, People were hunting with round balls for hundreds of years and dropping black bears, elk, moose, buffalo exe. Its all about shot placement.

Last I checked, none of those RB's had HP's. Even so, A 223 PBis legal for elk and will, I am sure, kill one right away. That is, unless one is forced to take an "off hand" shot from 100 yards and the pathetic little projectile finds itself needing to penetrate the shoulder plate of a bull elk. Not a good situation, no doubt theelk will probably die from the wound, but it may be after the season has already ended.
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