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Default Western Minnesota Hunters

I was just wondering if there is anybody else on here that is from western Minnesota. North of Moorhead.
I was just curious because I have heard rumors of them opening up rifles all the way to the river (Red River/Border)..if this is so, I don't think I will be going out during shotgun season. There is already enough idiots around and if some of them get rifles in their hands I don't know what would happen.
For everybody that doesn't live around here, the terrain is wide open farm land with alot of open space and very flat terrain. Last year, we had a vehicle that would park wherever we were hunting. I think they were waiting for deer to run out towards them on the road. If something like this were to happen and they started firing off rounds with a rifle I think I would lose it. Not that I wouldn't be heated if they did it with a shotgun, but a rifle travels alot further than a shotgun..I just do not see the need of having rifles in the area that we is far too dangerous. Way too many hunters. We alone have at least 10 people in our party every year with several other groups in the same general area.

Sorry for the rant, I just got a little mad when I heard this...
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