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Default Deer Hunting Trip Question

Ok here's a question for everyone. I am looking for a place to take my 13 yo son for a quality deer and predator or hog hunt. I live in PA, have looked at SC & AL but have heard from others on here those areas are over shot and not that great. I also looked at TX, but w/ gas prices and the cost of flying, it almost breaks it right there.

I of course am paying for both hunts (mineand his) so to be honest don't want to pay more than$2000-$2200 (just for the hunt) for each.Do I want something for nothing? No, but I am trying to be realistic here also.

Any suggestions as towhere to look?Preferably something w/in decent driving distance of PA.Anyone ever do this and hunted w/ sucessful outfitters or guides? Any and all comments, suggestions, referrals would be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time


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