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I would opt for a cover funnel over a terrain funnel, although either has merit in most cases.

One key, and I'm always harping on it on this space, is that funnels will work better in some parts of the country than in others. Sort of by definition most deer hunters live and hunt in areas where man has seriously altered the cover situation, and so on sites like this people sort of accept the funnel concept without a twitch. That's great if you live in the middle of Iowa, because any six-year-old can pick a deer funnel in that kind of country. But if you happen to live in true big woods country like that across the northern tier of the country, you may be disappointed with your first forays into "funnelology".

Funnels really funnel if all of the below points apply:

1) Good hiding cover exists on a distinct minority of the total land form,
2) Highly desirable cropland exists in the vicinity to really pull the deer in,
3) High deer densities exist.

If two out of three apply to your area that's still pretty good. But if you hunt an area with no crops, forest literally everywhere, and moderate deer densities, you're going to have your work cut out for you finding useful funnels. In these situations, realize what you're up against, and dig in and start learning your local deer herd. Think double funnels, spots that form a funnel for two independent reasons. Examples are a cover funnel that occurs in a saddle, or afenceline along the face of a sheer bluff, or an inside corner in a clearcut butting up to a creek bottom.
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