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Default RE: Hunting Call ringtones (the real thing)


These are the same calls I use in the field. They are either tied to my lanyardor stuffed in my backpacks. The double reed duck, both goose calls and the deer grunt is Haydel's. The single reed, widgeon, and the turkey are Primos. I am by no means any champion caller, and do not believe that, at my level, my calling would be much better going with the acrylic's fromRnT or any of the others yet, but I am definitely open to them at some point.

Funny story about my calls...

Last hunt of this duck season, we get about an hour from the house and I realize that I left my calls hanging on the wall at home. We were too far to go back, so we said “Ohh well, let’s just throw out the decoys and hide real well.” So we get down, setup, and we hit first light. We popped a few birds that came in real tight to see our setup. We sat around a bit more and watched a several more birds look, but nothing else, when my buddy turned around and looked at the log he had been sitting on and he found one of my old double reed wood calls and a cheap whistle on a single lanyard that had fallen out of my bag during the last hunt. WHOOP! We had a call. We finished the morning shooting another 6 birds. Unbelievable!


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