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Hi, this is my first post. I live in Australia and am getting back into the sport after 10 years focusing on other things. just bought myself a Bowtech Allegiance 61lb at 28". whisper biscuitand trophy ridge sight (just a cheapo at the moment)

I am shooting Carbon Express 250 Terminators cut at 27.5" with 90grn tips, 2" or 2.5" blazers (not sure) Would there be a way that I could work out ballpark figures on arrow speed. Also what would be the effect if I increased the tips to 125grn?

Also, I have a question regarding hoyt warranties.

Have they always been a lifetime warranty?

I also shoot a 55lb 28" internature viper long bow. So you could say that I shoot both types of bow... Bowtech and Lowtech.

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